Planning and Manufacturing

planning and manufacturing


Our highly experiences sourcing teams are experts in sourcing and manufacturing to clients designs. We have an extensive list of factories with some relationships lasting 3 generations. Our depth of knowledge and experience span’s the world. Our capacity to source every type of fashion jewellery, crystals, plating, latest components, new materials and packaging is first class.

Our extensive databases and quoting systems ensures we source and procure products at the right price.


planning and allocation

Our brand management service extends to full service planning and allocation. We plan and allocated for more than 20 brands of well know jewellery, managing the stock inventory at stores, repeat order process and the just in time replenishment picked and packed by store. Our unique planning and allocating systems ensure micromanagement of every SKU in every store every week to ensure maximum returns on space.




Fashion Jewellery International and its subsidiaries have manufactured jewellery in its own factories since 1970 for many leading global brands. We use the latest molding, casting techniques and stone setting to create and manufacture innovative jewellery and hair accessory designs. Our manufacturing suppliers will create new component colours and styles to complement our customers’ designs.

Our extensive list of crystal, bead and stone suppliers ensure we provide the latest colours, shapes to meet the brands’ pricing architecture.


quality services


Quality checking is an important part of the services we offer.
We have multiple points in our supply chain where we conduct quality checking.

Design samples are checked prior to confirmation of production.
Our factory QA team visits factories to conduct quality checks at the end or during production.
Our consolidation in China will conduct partial or full quality checks prior to export.
Our warehouse will conduct quality checking where sourcing is from multiple countries and factories.