This program is a life changer. If you want to truly take control of your health and vitality and make the changes you have always dreamed of, then this program is for you.

It is our experience that our practice members who make the biggest shifts are those who are most educated; they understand the why behind the what. They are empowered. Another interesting observation in those making huge change is the support they have at home and in their inner circle of friends.

Kick Start to Wellness was born out of our desire (and that of practice members) to not only provide great information, but actually help to make these changes implementable in our busy lives. We recognised that support and encouragement where essential. Kick Start to Wellness takes what you have learned in the empowerment series and super-sizes it. In our 4 week program you will attend 2 in-house presentations as well as 2 webinars.

You will receive a Kick Start to Wellness manual which will have both a theory and workbook component. There is work to be done, this is no free ride. If you want change you have to earn it, but then again nothing worthwhile is ever given to us. However we want to be there with to share your success, celebrate the challenges you overcame and give you a little push of encouragement when needed.

You will learn the ‘Essential Requirements’ to Health & Vitality, find out what inspires you and your purpose. You will be given the tools to make the changes you desire. All you need to do is bring an open mind and a want to make change. Call our office on 03 9471 1000 to find out when our next life changing event is. Alternatively you can subscribe to our blog, join our facebook page or look out for the update on our website.