Lunch and Learn are in-house Wellness & Lifestyle workshops to we have designed specifically to meet the health and wellness needs of varying groups, from local businesses, sporting clubs, social groups and places of worship etc. We provide amazing amount of content, offer solutions and include a delicious and healthy lunch for you to enjoy during the presentation. All you need to do is provide place and the people, we will do the rest.

Some of our talks include:

Thrive don’t Survive – Vital @ 100 – This is ideal for any age or type of group, understanding that we are made to not only live BUT more importantly THRIVE well into our 100s is empowering. We will show that it’s never too late to improve and take control of your health decisions and the best time to start is……… TOADY!

Dealing with Stress….. Naturally – Ideal for the Workplace environment. The number 1 cause of all absenteeism and presenteeism (employees who are at work but sick and unproductive) is Stress, particularly workplace stress. We will help you understand just what stress is, how much is healthy and how to better deal with it naturally.

The 5 Requirements of Peak Performance – This is ideal for athletes, occupational athletes (firemen, policemen etc.) or those just wanting to get the best out of themselves. Requirements are things you must have, NO EXCEPTIONS. If you want peak performance on the sporting field, in the workplace or just in your everyday life, your need to hear this message.

Nourish, Nurture & Inspire – Enhancing young minds – Nothing is more exciting (and sometimes scary for parents) than to watch kids grow and flourish. This talk is aimed at Kids, Mums, Dads, and Teachers or anyone who helps foster a child’s development. We will show ways to Nourish their bodies, Nurture their spirit and Inspire their dreams. We love nothing more than working with children.

Custom designed talks – We know that everyone and every group have different values, goals and needs. That’s why we offer to custom design your Lunch and Learn workshop to your needs. They can be broad subjects or very specific health and wellness topics. The list is endless, just ask and we will do our very best to provide.