Our revive guarantee is that we will help you. We will either recognise that we are the people to best assist you with your health needs and customise a program of care to obtain your goals, or we will realise that we are not. If that is the case, we will do or everything in our power to find the right person to assist you.

Our commitment to you is that we will neither waste your time or your money. As a new practice member we will thoroughly assess you over two initial visits. On the first visit, we will conduct a thorough history and examination including performing special scans that assess the current stress on your body.

On the second visit we will report on the findings from the initial visit. At this time we will give you our best advice for addressing your health concern, the time it will take, the cost and your options.

If at this point you feel we have not delivered on what we promised or you feel we have wasted your time and money we will not charge you and/or return any money you have already spent with us.