Revive chiropractic presents Revive Community Outreach Program a not for profit part of the organisation that empowers groups, businesses, clubs, families and other speciality groups/clubs to take control of their health, increase vitality, improve performance and maximise potential.

We present transformational health and wellness workshops for all members and groups in our community. These workshops introduce individuals and groups to necessary lifestyle solutions to their daily health challengers/problems. We aim to help the member of our community to reach their full health potential and maximise their performance.

We have tailored workshops that meet the needs of a variety of age groups and demographics (see Lunch & Learn under Our Health Solutions for more details of the talks we currently offer). However, we can also tailor them to your specific needs.

Our Wellness experts, Dr Vanessa Fullard and Dr Bernie Haberman have dedicated their lives to empowering and inspiring members of their community to reach their full health potential. They have a wealth of experience with over 30 years’ in the health & wellness industry. Together they opened Revive chiropractic in 2004 and since then have been caring, educating and empowering their community.

The Revive Community Outreach Program is also making a financial contribution back into society. A percentage of profits are distributed back into worthy organisations whose purpose and vision align with our own. If you would like to book one of our Wellness Experts please call 03 9471 1000 or email us at