Chiropractic is health insurance, “premiums small, dividends large.” – BJ Palmer
Dr Vanessa Fullard and Dr Bernie Haberman have been empowering their community by helping people change their unexplored health beliefs and habits since 2004. Not only have they formed a great partnership and been dedicated leaders in the wellness movement, they have also formed a great partnership outside of practice as husband and wife.

They are committed to making health and vitality attainable and accessible to every man, woman & child who wish to have it.

Chiropractic is a way of life for Drs. Vanessa and Bernie and they live their lives and raise their children in accordance with the ’chiropractic lifestyle’. The ‘chiropractic lifestyle’ is a simple concept and achievable for everyone. That is; Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well and have proper Brain-Body connection (healthy nervous system).

Revive chiropractic has a philosophy of ‘no-one left at home’ because we know that a health family, is a harmonious family. Vitality and prosperity for all is the goal and you deserve to have it! What are you waiting for?